ELP3100-Dual Chan. Charge Pump For TFT LCD Panel

General description

The ELP3100 DC/DC converter integrates two low noise , high efficiency charge pumps for dual outputs ,which consist of one inverting output and a step-up output. The device operates from 2.5 V to 4.8V input, and provides a step-up output voltage (VP) of 2x the input voltage . The negative inverting output (VN) is-1x inverted from the positive output VP. The ELP3100 is available in a small TDFN-12 pin package that features a bottom side exposed thermal pad to provide optimal heat dissipation . The small package size and low external parts count make the device ideally suit able for TFT LCD applications of mobile products . The device is rated to operate from –40℃ to +85℃ ambient temperature range .



◆ Ultra -low – Noise for RF Application.

◆ 2.5 V to 4.8 V Input Supply Voltage Range.

◆ Adaptive 1.5x / 2x mode switch over for positive.


◆ VP output range : 5.4V to 5.9V.

◆ VN output range : -5.4V to -5.9V.

◆ High current output : Vin = 3.3V,Iout =±120mA;

◆ Built in Power On Sequence.

◆ TDFN-12 1.5mmX2.4mm Package


◆ Mobile Device , Smart Phone.

◆ Portable Media Players / MP3 players.

◆ Cellular and Smart mobile phone.


Pin Configurations

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