EC49020-2A 1.5MHz Single Cell Battery Charger

General description

The EC49020 is a 4.5-20V input, 2A single-cell synchronous Li-Ion battery switching charger, suitable for portable application. The EC49020 integrates a synchronous PWM controller, 20V rating power MOSFETs, current sense resistor, high-accuracy current and voltage regulation, and charge termination, into a compact 8-pin SOP(Expose PAD) package.


◆ 1.5MHz Synchronous Switching Charger with Integrated Power FETs

◆ Up to 93% Efficiency

◆ 20V Input Rating with 6.7V OVP

◆ Programmable (2A Max) Charge Current

◆ Built-in Charge Current Soft Start

◆ Built-in Reverse Current Blocking Diode

◆ Built-in Charge Current Sense Resistor

◆ Output Short Circuit Protection

◆ Over Temperature Protection

◆ Available in a SOP8(Expose PAD) Package


◆ Tablet PC, Ebook and Netbook

◆ Handheld Portable Media Products

◆ Power Bank

Pin Configurations

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