EC9215-Step-up DC/DC Controller

General description

The EC9215  is  a  single  PWM,  step‐up  DC‐DC  controller  with low  operating  voltage  application  integrating  softstart  and

short   circuit   detection   function.   The   oscillator   switching

frequency on chip can be operated by terminating OSC pin to

connect   capacitor   and   resistor   for   adjustable   operating

frequency.  Soft‐start  is  adjusted  with  the  external  capacitor,

which  sets  the  input  current  ramp.  Besides,  the  external

compensation FB pin will apply the flexibility in the dynamic

loop  status,  which  allows  using  small  and  low  equivalent

series resistance (ESR) ceramic output capacitors.

The EC9215 is available in a Pb‐free, SOP‐8L and TSSOP-8L package.


  • 2.5 to 5.5V Input Voltage Range
  • Adjustable Frequency: Maximum 1MHZ
  • Incorporates Soft‐Start Function
  • Built‐in Short‐Circuit Detection Circuit (SCP)
  • Low Operating Current: Maximum to 1mA
  • Low Shutdown Current: Maximum to 1µA
  • Under‐Voltage Lockout
  • Package: SOP‐8 and TSSOP‐8
  • Lead Free and   Green   Devices   Available   (RoHS Compliant)



  • LCD Display Power Source
  • PDA, PMP, MP3
  • Digital Camera

Pin Configurations


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