EC3211-1.5MHz, 1.2A, Syn. Step-Down Regulator

General description

The EC3211 is a high efficiency monolithic synchronous buck regulator using aconstant frequency,current mode architecture. Thedevice is available inan adjustable version . Supply current during operation is only 20mA and drops to≤1mA inshutdown. The 2.5Vto5.5V input voltagerange makes the EC3211ideally suitedfor single Li-Ion battery-powered applications.100% duty cycle provides low dropout operation, extending battery life in portable systems.AutomaticBurstMode operation increases efficiencyatlightloads,further extending battery life. Switching frequency isinternally setat1.5MHz,allowing theuse ofsmall surfacemount inductors and capacitors.

Theinternalsynchronousswitchincreasesefficiencyand eliminates the need for an external Schottky diode. Low output voltages are easily supported with the 0.6V feedback reference voltage. The EC3211 is available in TSOT23-5package.




● Very Low Quiescent Current: Max70uA During Operation

●1.2A Output Current

●2.5Vto5.5VInputVoltage Range

●1.5MHz ConstantFrequency Operation

●No SchottkyDiode Required

●Low Dropout Operation: 100% Duty Cycle

●0.6V Reference AllowsLowOutputVoltages

● Shutdown Mode Draws≤1uA Supply Current

●CurrentModeOperationforExcellentLineandLoad Transient Response

●Over-temperature Protected

● TSOT23-5 PackageisAvailable


Cellular Telephones

Personal Information Appliances

Wireless and DSL Modems

Digital Still Cameras


Portable Instruments

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