ECCSR120~ECCSR1200-1.0A/20~200V Rectifiers

General description

◆ Epoxy : UL94-V0 rated flame retardant

◆ Case : Molded plastic, DO-214AC / SMA

◆ Terminals :Plated terminals, solderable per MIL-STD-750,

Method 2026

◆ Polarity : Indicated by cathode band

◆ Mounting Position : Any

◆ Weight : Approximated 0.05 gram


◆ Batch process design, excellent power dissipation offers better

reverse leakage current and thermal resistance.

◆ Low profile surface mounted application in order to optimize

board space.

◆ Low power loss, high efficiency.

◆ High current capability, low forward voltage drop.

◆ High surge capability.

◆ Guardring for overvoltage protection.

◆ Ultra high-speed switching.

◆ Silicon epitaxial planar chip, metal silicon junction.

◆ Lead-free parts meet environmental standards of

MIL-STD-19500 /228

◆ Suffix “H” indicates Halogen-free parts, ex. ECCSR120L1HR



Pin Configurations