General description

The EC24C02B  is a 2 Kbit Electrically Erasable PROM, The device is organized as  one  block of  256 x 8-bit  memory with  a  2-wire  serial interface. Low-voltage design  permits  operation  down  to 1.8V, with standby and active currents ofonly 1µA and 1 mA, respectively.

The EC24C02B  also has  a  page   write capability for up to 8 bytes of data. The EC24C02B is available in the standard 8-pin PDIP, surface mount SOP, TSSOP,DFN, SOT23 package.


lSingle supply with operation down to 1.8v

lLow-power CMOS technology:

1 mA active current, typical

1 µA standby current, typical(l-temp)

lOrganized as 1 block of 256 bytes (1×256×8)

l2-wire serial interface bus, l2C compatible

lSchmitt Trigger inputs for noise suppression

lOutput slope control to eliminate ground bounce

l400 kHz (24C02B) compatibility

lSelf-timed write cycle (including auto-erase)

lPage write buffer for up to 8 bytes

lHardware write-protect for entire memory

lCan be operated as a serial ROM

lFactory programming (QTP) available

lESD protection>4,000V

l1,000,000 erase/write cycles

lData retention>200 years


Pin Configurations