EC3111-300mA High-PSRR Linear Regulator

General description

The EC3111 is a 300mA, low dropout and low noiselinear regulator with high ripple

rejection ratio and fast turn-on time. It has fixed output  voltage ranging from 1.1V to

4.8V.The EC3111 includes  a voltage reference unit, an error amplifier, resistor  net for voltage setting, a current limit circuit and a chip enable circuit. These  ICs perform with low dropout voltage and a chip enable function(SOT23-5L/TSOT23-5L/SC70-4L/SC70-5L/DFN 6L package only).

The EC3111 works well with low ESR ceramic  capacitors, suitable for portable RF and wireless battery-powered applications with stringent space requirements and demanding performance. It also offers ultra low noise output and has low quiescent current.



n   VIN Range: 2.0V to 6.0V

n   Low Dropout Voltage: 0.22V (Typ)

(VOUT= 3.3V, IOUT= 150mA)

n   High Ripple Rejection: 65dB (Typ)(f=10kHz)

n   Excellent Line Regulation: 0.01% / V(Typ)

n   Output Voltage Accuracy: ±2.0%

n   Low Supply Current: 25µA (Typ)

n   Standby Current: 0.01µA (Typ)

n   Over Current Protection

n   Fixed Output Voltage: 1.1V ~ 4.8V

n   Ultra Fast Transient Response


n   Portable Communication Equipment

n   Battery-Powered Equipment

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