EC85XX-35V/2.6μA/200mA,Ultra-Low-Iq, Low Drop LDO

General description

EC85XX series is designed for power-sensitive applications. It includes a precision and high voltage input stage, an ultra-low-power bias current branch, and results in a ultra-low-power and low-dropout linear regulator.


The EC85XX operates from an input voltage of VOUT+1V to 35V, consumes only 2.6μA of quiescent current, and offers 2% initial accuracy and low dropout voltage, 300mV typical at 100mA.


EC85XX has 1.8V2.5V3.0V3.3V3.6V4.0V4.2V5.0V fixed voltage versions. Other features include short-circuit protection and thermal shutdown.


■  Ultra Low Quiescent Current: 2.6μA(Typ.)

■  Wide Operating Voltage: VOUT+1V to 35V

■  High output current: ≥200mA

■  System startup with no overshoot

■  Short circuit protection is designed with no


■  Low Dropout Voltage

■  High Accuracy Output Voltage: ±2%

■  Excellent power / load transient response

■  Low temperature coefficient: ±100ppm/

■  Thermal and Short-Circuit Protection

■  SOT-89 and SOT-23 package

■  Customer Pin Assignments are available



■  Battery-powered Smoke sensor

■  Smoke sensor

■  Microcontrollers

■  Household appliances and instruments


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