EC8812 – 1.5A Low Dropout Linear Regulator

General description

The EC8812 series of fixed output ultra low dropout linear regulators are designed for portable battery powered applications, which require low power consumption and low dropout voltage.  Each device contains a bandgap voltage reference, an error amplifier, a PMOS power transistor, and current limit and temperature limit protection circuits.

The EC8812 is designed to work with low cost electrolytic and ceramic capacitors and requires a minimum output capacitor of 10μF.


    Typical 150mV Dropout Voltage at 500mA.

    Output Voltages:0.8V to 3.9V(0.1V Step)

    Excellent Line and Load Regulation.

    High Accuracy Output Voltage of 2%.

    Ultra-Low Ground Current at 150μA (Typ.)

    Thermal and Over-Current Protection.

    Short Circuit Protection

    Standard SOT-223 and TO-252 Package.



    USB removable devices

    MPEG4 devices

    Wireless LAN’s

    Hand-Held Instrumentation.

    Portable DVD players

    Digital camera


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