ELP3990 300mA,Ultra-low noise, Small Package Ultra-Fast CMOS LDO Regulator

General Description

The  ELP3990  is  designed  for  portable RF  and wireless applications  with  demanding  performance  and  space

requirements.  The  ELP3990  performance  is  optimized for  battery-powered  systems  to  deliver  ultra low  noise

and  low  quiescent  current.  The   ELP3990  also  works with low-ESR ceramic capacitors, reducing the amount

of   board   space   necessary   for   power   applications critical   in   hand-held   wireless   devices.   The  ELP3990

consumes  less  than  0.01µA  in  shutdown  mode  and has   fast   turn-on   time   less   than   50µs.   The   other

features include ultra low dropout voltage, high output accuracy,  current  limiting  protection,  and  high  ripple

rejection   ratio.        It   is   available   in   the   DFN (1mm × 1mm) packages.


◆Ultra-thin Package

◆2V- 5.5V Input Voltage Range

◆Low Dropout : 130mV @ 200mA

◆1.2V, 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 2.8V,3.0V,3.3V, 3.6Vand 5V Fixed

◆300mA Output Current, 450mA Peak Current

◆High PSSR:-75dB at 1KHz

◆< 0.01uA Standby Current When Shutdown ◆Available in DFN (1mm × 1mm) Package ◆TTL-Logic-Controlled Shutdown Input ◆Ultra-Fast Response in Line/Load transient ◆Current Limiting and Thermal Shutdown Protection ◆Quick start-up (typically 50uS) Applications

◆Portable Media Players/MP3 players

◆Cellular and Smart mobile phone


◆DSC Sensor

◆Wireless Card