ECT6340A Low-Dropout, Constant-Current White LED with Dimming Control and Low Voltage Detect


◆Low Voltage Detection and Indication: Detect Voltage Level Options by External Resistor

◆Up to 700mA LED Bias Current

◆External Resistor to set Output Current

◆Simple LED Dimming Control

◆Build-in Morse Code S.O.S Signal and Single Flash Loop Flicker Function

◆Low Dropout Voltage

◆Low 0.05uA Shutdown Current

◆2.7V to 6V Supply Voltage Range

◆TO-252, ESOP8 and SOT23-6 lead-free Package

◆ESD Human Body Mode Over 5KV

◆Thermal Protection 160 ℃

General Description

ECT6340A provides the low-dropout bias supply and the high performance alternative solution for the white LEDs application. The build-in Low Voltage Detection and Indication function can provide the internal LED dimming. Morse Code  S.O.S  Signal  and Single  Flash  Loop Flicker   Function are supported with the significantly lower dropout voltage. The T6340A  is  available in  TO-252, ESOP8 and SOT23-6 lead-free package.


■Handheld Electronics

■Flash Light