2017/10/5 USB Power-Distribution Switches

General Description
The EC9521 power switches are designed for USB applications. The 25mΩN-channel MOSFET power switch
satisfies the voltage drop requirements of USB specification. The protection features include current-limit protection,
short-circuit protection, and over-temperature protection. The device limits the output current at current limit
threshold level. The over-temperature protection limits the junction temperature below 140℃in case of short circuit
or over load conditions. An enable input to enable or disable the device.
◆25mΩ    High Side MOSFET
◆Voltage Range: 3.5V to 5.5V
◆Current-Limit and Short-Circuit Protections
◆Over-Temperature Protection
◆Iset Input
◆Enable Input
◆Lead Free and Green Devices Available
◆Notebook and Desktop Computers
◆USB Ports
◆High-Side Power Protection Switches