523450 3.7V 1000mAh


This specification is applies to describe the related Battery product in this Specification and the Battery/cell supplied by Great Power Battery Co., Ltd only.

Cell Specification

NO Items Specifications Remark
1 Nominal Capacity 1000mAh 0.2C Standard discharge
2 Minimum Capacity 950mAh
3 Nominal Voltage 3.7V Mean Operation Voltage
4 Delivery voltage Sea&Land 3.8~4.0V Within 10 days from Factory
Air 3.7~3.8V In accordance with the requirements for

the airline air battery charge 30% or less.

5 Limited Charging Voltage 4.2V By standard charging method
6 Upper Limited Charging Voltage 4.2V By standard charging method
7 Standard charging method 0.2C constant current,4.2V constant

voltage charge to 4.2V,continuecharging

till current decline to ≤0.01C (25±3℃)

8 Charge current 0.2C Standard charge, charge time:6.5h(Ref)
0.5C Rapid Charge, charge time:2.5h(Ref)
9 Standard discharging method 0.2C constant current discharge to 3.0V,(25±3℃)
10 Discharge cut-off voltage 3.0V By standard discharge method
11 Cell Internal Impedance ≤80mΩ Internal resistance measured at AC

1KHZ after 50% charge

12 Maximum charge current 0.5C For continuous charging mod
13 Maximum discharge current 1C For continuous discharge mod
14 Operation Temperature and

relative humidity Range

Charge 10~15℃ 0.1C High/low temperature environment reduce

battery charge efficiency and influence

battery life. Long time working under

60 ℃ environment will lead to battery


16~25℃ 0.2C
26~45℃ 0.5C
Discharge -10~60℃


15 Storage temperature for a long time -20~25℃≤Six months

-20~45℃≤one months

Do not storage exceed half year. Must

charge once when storage for half year.

Must charge the battery which with protect

circuit when storage for three mouthed.

(under normal storage conditions for long

periods required storage capacity can lead

to decay and fall of the life cycle, such as

environmental requirements exceeded the

storage capacity will be further exacerbated

decline and decay cycle life)

16 Allow swelling Thickness ≤10% of Initial Thickness