EC1466 -60V, 800mA, 480kHz Non-synchronous Buck Converter

General Description

The EC1466 is a monolithic, step‐down, switch mode converter with a built‐in power MOSFET. It achieves a 0.8A peak‐output current over input supply 10V‐60V with excellent load and line regulation. Current‐mode operation provides a fast transient response and eases loop stabilization. Fault condition protections include

cycle‐by‐cycle current limiting and thermal shutdown. The EC1466 requires a minimal number of readily‐available external components. The EC1466 is available in a SOT23‐6 package.


◆ 0.8A Peak Output Current

◆ 0.7Ω Internal Power MOSFET

◆ Stable with Low‐ESR Ceramic Output Capacitors

◆ Up to 91% Efficiency

◆ 0.1μA Shutdown Mode

◆ Fixed 480kHz Frequency

◆ Thermal Shutdown

◆ Cycle‐by‐Cycle Over‐Current Protection

◆ 11V to 60V Operating Input Range

◆ Max duty 90%

◆ Available in a SOT23‐6 Package


◆ Power Meters

◆ Distributed Power Systems

◆ Battery Chargers

◆ Pre‐Regulator for Linear Regulators

◆ WLED Drivers