EC4230 Offline Inductor-less AC Linear Regulator

General Description

EC4230 is a compact, inductor-less, offline linear regulator. It steps down the AC line voltage to 3.3V/ 5V. It is a simple solution to provide a bias voltage in offline applications. EC4230 integrates a 500V power MOSFET, startup   controller, voltage control circuit, AC synchronous circuit, low dropout regulator, etc. EC4230 also integrates smart control system uses AC line power when necessary, thus minimizing device losses to achieve good efficiency.  EC4230 can help system designs meeting new standby power specifications. EC4230 integrates functions and protections of Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO), VDD over Voltage Protection (VDD OVP), On Chip Thermal Shutdown (OTP), etc.


◆High Output Voltage Accuracy: 2%

◆Fixed Output: 3.3V/5V

◆Smart Control to Maximize Efficiency

◆Universal Input Range: 80~305VAC

◆No Inductor Required

◆No Bulk Capacitor Required

◆Less Components and Low Cost

◆Fast Line and Load Transient Response

◆Short Load Protection

◆On Chip Thermal Shutdown (OTP)

◆Provide Power Good Signal

◆Available with DIP8、ESOP8 Package


◆Non Isolation AC/DC Converter

◆Home Appliance

◆Wall Switches and Dimmers