EJW1121A 1.5A, 20V Synchronous Buck LED Driver


The EJW1121A is a current mode monolithic buck LED driver. Operating with an input range of 4.2V-20V, EJW1121A  delivers 1.5A  of  continuous output  current  with  two  integrated  N-Channel MOSFETs. The internal synchronous Power switches provide high efficiency without the use of an external Schottky diode. It incorporates analog Dimming mode and PWM signal        to analogy dimming mode onto a single control pin. The EJW1121A  guarantees robustness with  LED short protection, thermal protection, start-up current  run-away  protection,  input  under  voltage lockout. The EJW1121A is available in SOT23-6 packages, which provide a compact solution with minimal external components.


◆4.2V to 20V operating input range 1.5A output current

◆Up to 94% efficiency @ Vin=12V, Vout=6V

◆1MHz Switching frequency

◆PWM to Analog dimming mode

◆Input under voltage lockout

◆Start-up current run-away protection

◆LED short protection

◆Thermal protection

◆Available in SOT23-6 packages


◆IP camera and CCD camera

◆Flash light

◆Display cabinet lamp

◆LED Sign