EJW3651 16V 3A 4-Switch Buck-Boost Converter

General Description

The  EJW3651  is  a  high  performance  buck  boost converter that the output voltage can be programed from  0.9V up to 16V  through external resistor. The EJW3651 implements the Buck Boost converter with a single inductor architecture  that operates from input  voltages above, below or equal to the output voltage. And support 2-switch boost mode for higher efficiency. The  integrated  low  Rds(on)  MOSFET  minimizes physical  footprint,  maximizes efficiency, which reduces  the  power  dissipation. Constant current control is utilized to protect the device from overshooting in unwanted conditions. Built-in loop compensation simplifies the circuit and design.

EJW3651 guarantees robustness with under voltage lockout, short circuit protection and thermal protection.


◆Integrate low RDS (on) power MOSFET

◆Wide VINrange:3.0V-20V

◆Wide VO range:0.9V-20V

◆Compatible  with  4-switch  buck-boost  mode

◆and 2-switch boost mode.

◆Fixed frequency 450kHz

◆Programmable input and output current limit

◆Output Constant Current Control.

◆Quiescent current: <60uA ◆Integrate  output  overvoltage  protection  and ◆output short protection ◆Integrate thermal protection ◆QFN3*4 package  Applications

◆Power bank systems

◆USB Power Delivery

◆Industrial applications

◆Automotive Systems