EJW3653 16V 3A 4-Switch Buck-Boost Charging/Discharging Converter

General Description

The  EJW3653  is  a  buck  boost  converter  targets HVDC fast charging and discharging power bank.

The  EJW3653  supports  1  to  3  cells  Li-ion  battery, the  output  voltage  can  be  programmable  up  to 16.0V

through external resistor.

The EJW3653 implements the Buck Boost converter with an H-bridge, which can maintain output regulation for

Input voltage whether greater or less than output voltage.

The  integrated  low  Rds(on)  MOSFET  minimizes physical  footprint, maximizes charge/discharge efficiency,

which reduces the power dissipation during discharge. Constant current      control      is utilized to protect the device

from overshooting in unwanted  conditions.  Built-in loop compensation simplifies the circuit and design. PFM is

engaged to maintain high efficiency at light load current.

EJW3653 guarantees robustness with thermal protection and battery under voltage lockout.


◆Integrate low RDS (on) power MOSFET

◆Wide input range: 4.2V-16.0V, Support 1 to 3

◆cells battery charge/discharge.

◆Wide output range:0.9V-16.0V

◆High efficiency buck-boost transition

◆500kHz Switching frequency

◆Programmable output current limit(up to 3A)

◆Output Constant Current Control.

◆Quiescent current: <50uA ◆Integrate  output  overvoltage  protection  and ◆output short protection ◆Integrate thermal protection ◆QFN3*4 package.            Applications

◆Power bank systems

◆Battery and Super Capacitor Charging

◆USB Power Delivery

◆Industrial applications

◆Automotive Systems