EC5575A-14+1 Channels Voltage Buffer with OTP/OCP

General description

The EC5575A is a 14+1 channel voltage buffers that buffers reference voltage for gammacorrectioninathinfilmtransistor liquid crystal display (TFT LCD). This device incorporating a Vcom amplifier circuit, four rail to rail buffer amplifier circuits(thehighesttwostageandlowest two stage) and 10 buffer amplifiers circuits. TheEC5575Aisavailableinaspacesaving 48-pinTQFPpackage,andtheoperating temperature isfrom–20°C to+85°C.



Rail-to-Rail Output Voltage Swing

High Slew Rate

Vcom Buffer30V/µs

Gamma Buffer2V/µs

Thermal Shutdown Protection

Short-Circuit Current Limit Protection

Continuous Output Drive current

Vcom Buffer±100mA(Max)

Gamma Buffer±30mA(Max)

Ultra-small Package TQFP-48L(Exposed Pad)


TFT-LCDReference Driver

Pin Configurations

Ordering info

Typical Applications circuit