EC5911-200MHz,High-Speed,CMOS,Rail-to-Rail Op Amp

General description

 The EC5911 is wideband, low-noise, low-distortion operational amplifier, that offer rail-to-rail output and single-supply operation down to 2.5V. They draw 2.8mA of quiescent supply current, as well as low input voltage-noise density (13nV/Hz) and low input current-noise density (400fA/Hz). These features make the devices an ideal choice for applications that require low distortion and low noise. The EC5911 has output which swing rail-to-rail and their input common-mode voltage  range includes ground and offer wide bandwidth to 200MHz (G=+1) .They are specified over the extended industrial temperature range (-45 C ~ 125 C).The single EC5911 is available in space-saving, SOT23-5 and SOP-8 packages.


● Single-Supply Operation from +2.5V ~ +5.5V

● Rail-to-Rail Input / Output

● Gain-Bandwidth Product: 200MHz (Typ.)

● Low Input Bias Current: 10pA (Typ.)

● Low Offset Voltage: 5mV (Max.)

● Quiescent Current: 2.8mA (Typ.)

● Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ +125°C

● Available in SOT23-5 and SOP8 Packages


● Portable Equipment

● Mobile Communications

● Smoke Detector

● Sensor interface 

● Medical Instrumentation

● Handheld Test Equipment

● imaging / video

Pin Configurations

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