ECB01913- QC 2.0 Portable Power Bank Single Chip I

General description

    QC 2.0 compliant Portable Power Bank Single Chip IC





u Internally embedded 1A Max. charge mode, charging current adjustable when under 1A

u OVP function when charge , charge terminated when charge voltage over 6.2V

u Trickling/CC/CV three charging stages , fully charges voltage of 4.22V adjustable 0 V Battery chargeable

u Thermo charging protection function, charging current starts to decline from 120 degree Celsius, could lower down to as  the bottom.

u Fixed switching frequency @ 650KHZ in discharge, Power MOSFET driven externally and moderately to reach flexible  application

u Internal 0.6V reference Voltage, adjustable output voltage; Internal 0.68V OVP threshold output  current adjustable

u Meet dual start up modes of button and triggered by EN pin

u Constant Output Power function with OCP (Over Current) and SCP (Short Circuit Protection)

u Boost function allowed during charge period, indicating LED remains charging status and capacity

u boost starts when loading being sense, fall into sleeping mode when loading removed or under 50mA

u 4 indicating LED controlled to show capacity precisely

u Can be defined as a Li- ion battery charger specifically

u Direct drive while light LED as flashlight with max. 50mA without external resistors required

u Battery over- charge and over- discharge protection


Pin Configurations

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Typical Applications circuit


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