ECF800-315/433MHz OOK/ASK Receiver

General description

The ECF800 is a 315Mhz/433.92MHz low-IF RF receiver with automatic gain control and OOK/ASK demodulator. The ECF800 requires few external components and makes it ideal for cost-sensitive applications.

The low-noise amplifier (LNA), phase-lock loop (PLL), mixer, IF filter, received-signal strength indicator (RSSI), and baseband section are included all on-chip. The low-drop output (LDO) regulators are also on-chip which can allow 3V to 5.5V power supply range and consumes 10mA of supply current, especially of operation is allowed -40℃ to 125℃ wide Temperature Range. The ECF800 achieves -110dBm sensitivity at a data rate of 2Kbps and -25dBm maximum allowed input power.

ECF800  is designed as Receiver SOC for remote controller in home-use consumer product, usually applied to LED lighting control, smart Switch and Fan control systems.

E-CMOS’s advance technology delivers small, reliable, very low power consumption, green and cost-effective keyboard remote control system solution. This provides a green solution to environment pollution and global warming and let your company become a green solution provider.


•     No IF Filter used

•     +3V to +5.5V Single-Supply Operation

•     Support data rate up to 10kbps

•     > 25dB Image-Rejection

•     -110dBm sensitivity at 2kbps

•     ~ 1uA Shutdown Current

•     75dB RSSI output

•     32-Pin QFN Package

•     Highly Integrated include PLL, VCO, Loop Filter, Mixer and Baseband

•     -40℃ ~ 125℃ Wide Temperature range