EC3228|High-Performance PWM Controller

EC3228|High-Performance PWM Controller

EC3228 – High-Performance PWM Controller
General description
The EC3228 is a single-phase, constant-on-time, synchronous PWM controller, which drives N-channel MOSFETs. The EC3228 steps down high voltage to generate low-voltage chipset or RAM supplies in notebook computers. The EC3228 provides excellent transient response and accurate DC voltage output in either PFM or PWM Mode. In Pulse Frequency Mode (PFM), the EC3228 provides very high efficiency over light to heavy loads with loading-modulated switching frequencies. In PWM Mode, the converter works nearly at constant frequency for low-noise requirements. The EC3228 is equipped with accurate positive current-limit, output under-voltage, and output over-voltage protections, perfect for NB applications. The Power-On-Reset function monitors the voltage on VCC to prevent wrong operation during power-on. The EC3228 has a 1ms digital soft-start and built-in an integrated output discharge method for soft-stop. An internal integrated soft-start ramps up the output voltage with programmable slew rate to reduce the start-up current. A soft-stop function actively discharges the output capacitors with controlled reverse inductor current.The EC3228 is available in 10pin TDFN 3×3 package.

l Adjustable Output Voltage from +0.7V to +5.5V

l 0.7V Reference Voltage

l ±1% Accuracy Over-Temperature

l Operates from an Input Battery Voltage Range of+1.8V to +32V

l Power-On-Reset Monitoring on VCC Pin

l Excellent Line and Load Transient Responses

l PFM Mode for Increased Light Load Efficiency

l Selectable PWM Frequency from 4 Preset Values

l Integrated MOSFET Drivers

l Integrated Bootstrap Forward P-CH MOSFET

l Adjustable Integrated Soft-Start and Soft-Stop

l Selectable Forced PWM or Automatic PFM/PWMMode

l Power Good Monitoring

l 70% Under-Voltage Protection

l 125% Over-Voltage Protection

l Adjustable Current-Limit Protection

l Using Sense Low-Side MOSFET’s RDS(ON)

l Over-Temperature Protection

l TDFN-10 3×3 Package

l Lead Free and Green Devices Available (RoHS Compliant)

l Notebook

l Table PC

l Hand-Held Portable


l LCD Monitor / TV

l Battery Charger

l ADSL Modem

l Telecom / Networking Equipment

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