EC4318 – Offiline Buck LED Driver IC With APFC

EC4318 – Offiline Buck LED Driver IC With APFC

EC4318 – Offiline Buck LED Driver IC With APFC
General description
The EC4318 is a high precision non-isolated buck driver with APFC, specially designed for universal input offline constant current LED lighting, and reach out low THD. Operating in critical conduction mode, the power MOSFET switching loss is reduced and the inductor is fully utilized. By integrating a 500V power MOSFET, the fewest external components, and cutting-edge circuit design, output ability can be precisely controlled in the most competitive method of all kinds. EC4318 adopts floating ground structure, inductor current is hence sensed during the whole switching cycle, which generates precise output current, line and load regulation when being applied in system.

EC4318 also features full protection function to enhance reliability on board, including LED Open / Short circuit protection, OVP/UVP/OTP (Self-reduce)/OCP current sensing open protection and so on.

u High Power Factor, ultra- low THD

u Valley Switch, High Efficiency, LOW EMI

u High- V MOSFET embedded

u Thermal Regulation Compensation

u ±3% Output Current Accuracy

u Universal AC input

u Auto Induction Compensate

u Auto Output Voltage adaption

u Full Protection Features: ( LED O/S CKT; OTP


u Auto Recovery to default

u Fewest external components required on board

u LED High Brightness Lighting

u Light Bulb, Light Tube

Pin Configurations

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