EC3207-1.5MHz,1.4A, Syn. Step Down DC/DC Converter

General description

The  EC3207  is  a   high-efficiency,  DC-to-DC  Step-down switching regulators, capable of delivering up  to 1.4A  of output current.  The device operates  from  an  input  voltage  range  of  2.5V  to 6.0V  and provides  an output  voltage  from 0.6V  toVIN,  making  the   EC3207  ideal  for  low  voltage power conversions. Running at  a fixed frequency of 1.5MHz allows the use of small external components,  such   as  ceramic   input  and   output caps, as well as small inductors, while still  providing low output ripples.  This low noise output  along with its  excellent   efficiency   achieved  by   the  internal synchronous  rectifier,   making  EC3207  an  ideal green   replacement   for   large   power  consuming

linear regulators.  Internal  soft-start control  circuitry reduces  inrush  current.  Short-circuit  and  thermal overload protection improves design reliability.


     ■  Duty-cycle 0 to 100%

     ■  1.4A Output  current

       High Efficiency Up To 96%

     ■  2.5V to 6.0V Input Voltage Range

     ■  Fixed 1.5MHz Frequency

     ■  Logic Control Shutdown IQ<1μA

     ■  Thermal Shutdown

     ■  Output Adjustable from 0.6V to Input Voltage


■  Digital Framer

■  PDA and Pocket PC

■  Cellular Phone and Smart Phone

■  Wireless Devices

 Battery Powered Widgets

■  Portable Media Players

■  Electronic Scales

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