1. Closed on weekend, flexible working hours
2. Fixed 12-month salary + bonus in festival days 
   (a month salary on a year-end, half of a month at Mid-Autumn Festival / the Dragon Boat Festival)
3. Annually adjust salary by the results of work
4. Annually draw dividend to employees in accordance with surplus
5. Implementation of staff warrants 
6. Provide the bonus of achievement without a fixed schedule by the rate of accomplishment of corporate business
7. Entitle labor insurance, health insurance and perfectly and completely planning group insurance 
   (spouse / children are in full mission by company’s subsidies)
8. Provide professional and completely educational training 
9. Regular free health checks 
10. free parking spaces for employees
11. Lunch subsidy 
12. Leave system superior to the Labor Standards Law
     A. special break’s number of hours increase. (Superior Paid Annual Leave for Employees to that of the Labor Standards Law)
     B. annual 48-hour non-deduction of sick leaves. 
     C. 5 days of paternity leave 
     D. prize money without leave (sick leave and things leave)
13. Harmony and generous employees’ benefits
     A. hold regularly domestic and international travel / tour grant 
     B. bonus of May 1, birthday and three festivals / gift certificates 
     C. hold birthday party / festival activities regularly 
     D. bonus of marriage, birth gifts and condolences to the injured 
     E. favorable discounts for special arranged manufacturers