Our company was set up in 1987, 1990 into the Science Park, for the Fabless IC design company engaging in IC design

research and development.

Mainly in CMOS IC and module design, our company agreed a number of key technology patents, to work for the R & D of Mouse

Controller ICs, LED Driver ICs, Rail-to-Rail OP, LDO, ESD, ASIC IC and supply of wafer.

Our Company’s management team’s lineup is strong, the finance is sound and the welfare is perfect.

There is a stable growth of corporate business achievement in recent years, actively strengthening the capacity of design and level

and engaging in new products’ development in response to the growing corporate business achievement. Therefore now is widely

asking for professionals to join the E-CMOS lineup.

Securities & Futures Institute permitted our company’s appliance of public offering in September of 2003, and the code name was

  1. And in February of 2005 our company passed through the ISO9001: 2000 certification.
The main products and services
1、White Light LED Driver
2、Hall Switch
3、OP Amplifier
4、Power Management
5、Li battery protection IC
7、DC/DC Controller/Converter
8、Voltage Detect IC
9、Reset IC