EC8841 – 50mA Ultra-Low Quiescent Current LDO

General description

The EC8841 series is a positive voltage regulatorwith high accuracy output voltage and ultra-low quiescent current which is typically 1.0μA.The device is ideal for   battery powered handheld equipments which require low quiescent current.The EC8841 contains a bandgap voltage reference, an error amplifier, a P-channel pass transistor, and a resistor-divider for setting output voltage. The output voltage is fixed with high accuracy by advanced trimming technology.The EC8841 has been designed to be used with low cost ceramic capacitors and requires a minimum output capacitor of 1.0μF. The devices are availablein SOT23-3/5, SOT89 and TO92 packages


● Operating Voltages Range:+2.5V to +18V

● Output Voltages Range:+1.5V to +5.0V with 100mV Increment

● Low Dropout: 800mV @ 50mA

● High Output Voltage Accuracy±2%:Vout ≧2.7V

● Thermal Overload Shutdown Protection

● Low ESR Capacitor Compatible

● SOT23-3, SOT23-5, SOT89, TO92 Packages

● RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free and Green (Halogen Free with Commercial Standard)


lBattery powered equipments

lHand-Held Electronics

lPortable Communication Devices

lWireless Communication systems Precision Voltage Reference

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