EC9528A – Protection IC for 1-Cell Battery Pack

General description

The EC9528A series are the 1-cell protection IC for lithium-ion/lithium-polymer rechargeable battery pack. The high accuracy voltage detector and delay time circuits are built in EC9528A series with state-of-art design and process. To minimize power consumption, EC9528A series activates power down mode when an over-discharge event is detected (for power-down mode enabled version). Besides, EC9528A series performs protection functions with four external components for miniaturized PCB. The tiny package is especially suitable for compact portable device, i.e. slim mobile phone and Bluetooth earphone.


■High Detection Accuracy

– Over-charge Detection:±15mV

– Over-discharge Detection:±35mV

– Discharge Over-current Detection:±10mV

– Charge Over-current Detection:±20mV

■High Withstand Voltage

– Absolute maximum ratings: 28V(V- pin and CO pin)

■Ultra Small Package:






■  Mobile phone battery packs

■  Digital camera battery packs

■  Bluetooth earphone Li-ion battery module

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