EC4188B – High Efficiency LED Buck Controller

EC4188B – High Efficiency LED Buck Controller

EC4188B – High Efficiency LED Buck Controller
General description
The EC4188B is a highly-integrated, low startup current, average current mode, one cycle control PFC and fixed switching frequency PWM controller. These functions enable the LED driver to easily meet the accuracy average LED current and high power factor requirements. The integrated functions also include the LED short protection, open protection, and internal over temperature protection. The COMP pin controls the duty by connected an RC compensation network to ground and forming the closed loop feedback control. To protect the external power MOSFET from being damaged by supply over voltage, the EC4188B OUT pin voltage is clamped to about 15V.The EC4188B improves the performance and reduces the cost of the LED driver. It is a 6-pin SOT23-6L package.

●High Power Factor by One Cycle Control

●Accuracy Constant Current

●Low BOM Cost

●Linear Dimming on DIM Pin

●Average Current / Fixed Frequency Control

●Gate Output Voltage Clamp

●LED Open Protection (OVP)

●LED Short Protection (SCP)

●Over Current Protection (OCP)

●Internal OTP Protection

●300mA Driving Capability for OUT Pin

●Fast Start Current

●Incompatible Electronic Ballast and Inductance Ballast

●E26/27, T8 LED Tube

●Others LED Lighting Applications

Pin Configurations

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