EC6585-2-Channel Charge Pump Supply For TFT-LCD

EC6585-2-Channel Charge Pump Supply For TFT-LCD

EC6585-2-Channel Charge Pump Supply For TFT-LCD
General description
The EC6585 is a high perfomance charge pump converter to generate positive and negative voltage supply optimized for small to medium size thin-film transistor(TFT) liquid crystal displays (LCD’s). The positive charge-pump controller provides 2x positive output voltage PAVDD and fixed -1x ratio of negative voltage NAVDD to supply the TFT LCD. To minimize the inrush current a built-in soft start circuit sets the soft start period.

The EC6585 is convinient to use and requires only 5 small and low-cost ceramic capacitors.It is availiable in the TDFN-12L package which reduces board size and make the FPC or PCB layout design easier.


l 2.5V to 4.5V Input Supply

l Positive Output Voltage Range 4.5V to 6V

l Negative Output Voltage Range -4.5V to -6V

l Support x2 Positive Voltage Charge Pump

l Negative Voltage Charge Pump Follow x(-1) Positive Output Voltage

l Up to 90% power conversion Efficiency

l Up to 100mA output current

50mA Output Current Capability @VIN=2.8V

80mA Output Current Capability @VIN=3.3V

100mA Output Current Capability @VIN=3.7V

l Build-in Soft-Start to Reduce Inrush Current

l Cycle by Cycle Input Current Limit Protection

l Small 12-pin 2.4mm*1.5mm*0.45mm TDFN Package

l RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free

l Smart Phone TFT LCD Bias Power Supply

l Tablet TFT LCD Bias Power Supply

l Car Navigation Display

l Portable equipment

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