EC49021 – USB Charger Enhance IC

General description

The EC49021 is designed for USB dedicated charging port (DCP) controller. The EC49021 can automatically detect and provide the correct signal on the D+ and D- data lines to the USB devices. The internal dedicated charging schemes can change the charging mode for the different USB device.

■ BC1.2 DCP that short the D+ line to the D- line

■ Apple divider DCP that apply specified voltage on the D+ and D- lines

■ Samsung specification that apply specified voltage on the D+ and D- lines

The EC49021 set the USB interface data D+ and D- to the required condition then the handheld charging device will start to charge current as much as possible from the power source .


■ Operating range: 4.5V to 5.5V

■ Automatically switch data lines D+ and D- connections for the attached USB device

■ Supports Samsung device charging mode

■ Supports BC1.2 charging specification mode

■ Supports selectable Apple 1A ,2A and 2.4A charging mode

■ Supports most of mainstream USB device fast charging

■ RoHS compliant and lead-free package

■ SOT23-5 package


■ AC-DC wall adapter with USB port

■ Vehicle USB power charger

■ Other USB charger

■ Power bank USB charger

Pin Configurations

Ordering info

Typical Applications circuit

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