E-CMOS’s product line development Towards the development of the logic control IC that let μ-P as the core Towards the development of Power IC Towards the development of the driver IC of high-power white light LED

‧1988 serial mouse control IC / Music IC / non-synchronous communications interfa
ce IC
‧1991 fan control IC
‧1994 PS / 2 mouse control IC / SCSI interface IC
‧1996 scanner IC
‧1997 3-D mouse control IC
‧1998 Auto-Ref PS / 2 mouse sequence of two-dimensional control IC / video enhance IC agent Elantec Semiconductor Inc. Products
‧1999 Auto-Ref PS / 2 mouse control IC/6502 sequence of three-dimensional micro-IC / modules vehicle protection system
‧2000 The world’s leading computer mouse control chip suppliers
‧2001 lithium-ion battery identification IC / lithium-ion battery protection IC / Hall Sensor
‧2002 USB mouse control IC, analog operational amplifiers IC
‧2003 keyboard control IC, PS2 optical mouse control IC, Hall switch IC, low dropout regulator IC
‧2004 LDO, 2 Cells lithium-ion battery protection IC, the three DC converter IC, with white LED lighting drive IC, U + P optical mouse controller
‧2005 Voltage detection IC, backlight diode driver IC, multi-channel signal LCD Driver IC
‧2006 integrated LCD power supply IC, DC / DC converters