EC4513 – High Efficiency 1MHz, Step up Regulator

General description

The  EC4513  is  the  high  power  and  high  efficiency  boost converter with an integrated 30V FET ideal for LCD panel backlighting applications. 30V output voltage allows for 8 high‐power LEDs in series, and 3.5A inductor current limit allows for more LED strings connected in parallel. The low 0.5V  feedback  voltage  offers  higher  efficiency in  WLED driver applications. The wide input range from 2.7V to 21V made EC4513 a perfect solution for various applications such  as LCD monitor and portable devices. The OVP pin monitors  the output  voltage  to  protect  IC  during  open load  and  FB  pin  short
circuit  operations.  The  EC4513 provides   the  ALS   pin   to simplify   the   interface   to   an ambient light sensor for automatic dimming. The EC4513 is   available   in   the   thermally   enhanced DFN‐10   lead 3mmx3mm package.


●Wide Input Voltage Range from 2.7V to 21V
●High Current‐Limit up to 3.5A
●0.5V Reference Voltage with ±3%  System Accuracy
●50mΩ  Integrated N‐FET
●Fixed 1.2MHz Switching Frequency
●High Efficiency up to 95%
●Open‐LED Protection
●Under‐Voltage Lockout Protection
●ALS Control Input Pin
●Over‐Temperature Protection
●Low Shutdown Current: <1mA ●3mmx3mm DFN‐10 Package ●Lead Free and Green Devices Available


●Display Backlighting
●LCD Monitors
●Notebook Displays
●Portable Displays

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