EC9202-200mA Converter With High Eff. & Low Noise

EC9202-200mA Converter With High Eff. & Low Noise

EC9202-200mA Converter With High Eff. & Low Noise
General description
The EC9202 is a compact PFM step-up DC/DC converter that operates from an input voltage as low as 0.8 Volt. The low start-up input voltage makes EC9202 specially designed for portable devices from one or two cell battery, delivering up to 200mA load current at VIN=1.8V VOUT=3.3V. Typical efficiency for EC9202 is 85% when VIN>=2.0V VOUT=3.3V ILOAD=1~60mA. Potential applications include low powered consumer products and battery powered portable products.

The EC9202 features a band gap reference, trimming technology, current -limited, PFM control scheme which combines the advantages of PWM ( higher output power and efficiency) and those of traditional PFM (ultra-low quiescent current). The internal 0.6 ohm low turn-on resistance NMOS power switch provides stable and high-efficiency operation over a board load current range.

The EC9202 devices are available in SOT23-3,SOT23-5& SOT89 package.

◆ 0.8V Low Start-up Input Voltage at 1mA Load

◆ Operating Voltage Range:+0.8V to +5.5V

◆ Output Voltages:+1.8V to +5.0V with 100mV

◆ Deliver 200mA at 3.3V Output with 1.8V Input

◆ 85% High Efficiency (VIN=2.0V,VOUT=3.3V, ILOAD=60mA)

◆ ± 2% Output Voltage Accuracy

◆ 4µA Low Switch-Off Supply Current

◆ 0.5µA Low Shutdown Supply Current

◆ SOT-23, SOT-25 & SOT-89 Package

◆ RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free and

Green (Halogen Free with Commercial Standard)



◆MP3 Player

◆Electronic Games


◆Portable Devices

◆Single-and Dual-Cell Battery Operated Products

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