EC24C512C|512K Bits Two-Wire Serial EEPROM

EC24C512C|512K Bits Two-Wire Serial EEPROM


General description

The EC24C512C are EEPROM devices that use the industrial standard 2-wire interface for communications.
The EC24C512C contains a memory array of 512K-bits (65,536×8), which is organized in 128-byte per page.
The EEPROM can operate in a wide voltage range from 1.7V to 5.5V which fits most application. This product can provide a lowpower 2-wire EEPROM solution. The device is offered in Lead-free, RoHS, halogen free or Green. The available package types are 8-pin SOP, TSSOP, DFN.

The EC24C512C is compatible with the industrial standard 2-wire bus protocol. If in case the bus is not responded, a new sent Op-code command will reset the bus and the device will respond correctly. The simple bus consists of the Serial Clock wire (SCL) and the Serial Data wire (SDA). Utilizing such bus protocol, a Master device, such as a microcontroller, can usually control one or more Slave devices, alike this EC24C512C. The bit stream over the SDA line includes a series of bytes, which identifies a particular Slave device, an instruction, an address within that Slave device, and a series of data, if appropriate. The EC24C512C also has a Write Protect pin (WP) to allow blocking any write operations over specified memory area. The EC24C512C also offers an additional page, named the Identification Page (128 bytes) which can be written and (later) permanently locked in Read-only mode.

This Identification Page offers flexibility in the application board production line, as the Identification Page can be used to store unique identification parameters and/or parameters specific to the production line. Under no circumstance, the device will be hung up. In order to refrain the state machine entering into a wrong state during power-up sequence or a power toggle off-on condition, a power on reset circuit is embedded. During power-up, the device does not respond to any instructions until the supply voltage (VCC) has reached an acceptable stable level above the reset threshold voltage. Once VCC passes the power on reset threshold, the device is reset and enters into the Standby mode. This would also avoid any inadvertent Write operations during power-up stage. During power-down process, the device will enter into standby mode, once VCC drops below the power on reset threshold voltage. In addition, the device will be in standby mode after receiving the Stop command, provided that no internal write operation is in progress. Nevertheless, it is illegal to send a command unless the VCC is within its operating level.


● Two-Wire Serial Interface, I2CTM Compatible
– Bi-directional data transfer protocol

● Wide-voltage Operation

– VCC = 1.7V to 5.5V

● Speed: 400 KHz (1.7V) and 1 MHz (2.5V~5.5V)

● Standby current (max.): 1uA, 1.7V

● Operating current (max.): 0.5mA, 1.7V

● Hardware Data Protection

– Write Protect Pin

● Sequential & Random Read Features

● Memory organization: 65,536 x 8 bits

● Page Size: 128 bytes
● Page write mode

– Up to 128 bytes per page write

– offer an 128 bytes additional page

● Self timed write cycle with auto clear: 5ms (max.)

● Filtered inputs for noise suppression

● High-reliability

– Endurance: 1 million cycles

– Data retention: 100 years

● Industrial temperature grades

● Packages: SOP,TSSOP,DFN

● Lead-free, RoHS, Halogen free, Green