EC4213 – Constant Current N-Channel MOSFET Linear

EC4213 – Constant Current N-Channel MOSFET Linear
General description
The EC4213 is a constant N-channel MOSFET current linear LED controller for replace discrete solutions in AC/DC power application (up to 270VAC). The controller can drive an output power of ±10% variation from a universal input voltage range of 120VAC±16%, or 230VAC±16% for different LED strings. The solution eliminates the need of individual components by combining them into a single package, which results in a significant reduction of both system cost and board space. The controller is capable of a dimming input for adjustable LED brightness control by Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). The EC4213 can protect the external N-channel MOSFET against over temperature and over current. Internal thermal foldback function regulates LED driving current automatically for temperature management of the LEDs or the N-channel MOSFET during high power operation or high ambient temperature conditions by an external NTC resistor. These features provide maximum system protection for the demanding lighting applications. The EC4213 is available in a space saving SOP10 package, and the operating temperature is from –40°C to +125°C.

• Universal Input Voltage Range of 120VAC±16% or 230VAC±16%

•Constant LED Current Controller

• Adjusted Constant Current Operation

• Low Quiescent Current

• Simplifies Circuit and System Designs

• PWM Dimming Control

• External N-channel MOSFET forHigh Current Application

• Temperature Compensated Constant Current

• Programmable Over Temperature Protection

• Programmable Over Current Protection

• Programmable LED Short Protection

• SOP10Package

• High Power LED Driver

• Lighting Applications

• T5 or T8 tube

• Low Cost solution

• Constant Current Sink

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