EC4304A-1A,Hysteretic,High Brightness LED Driver

EC4304A-1A,Hysteretic,High Brightness LED Driver

EC4304A-1A,Hysteretic,High Brightness LED Driver
General description
The EC4304 is a high-efficiency continuous mode inductive step-down converter which drives N-channel MOSFET and it is designed for driving single or multiple series connected LEDs from a voltage source higher than the LED voltage. It operates from input supply between 7V and 40V and provides and externally adjustable output current to 1A which is depending on supply voltage and external components.

This EC4304 includes the output switch and high-side output current sensing circuit, which uses an external resistor to set the output current.The ADJ pin will accept either a DC voltage or a PWM waveform. This will provide either a continuous or gated output current depending upon the control frequency. The PWM filter components contains a soft-start rising time setting. The soft-start time can be increased by using an external capacitor from the ADJ pin to ground. Applying a 0.2V or lower to the ADJ pin turns the output off and switches the device into a low current standby state.

lOperates from 7V to 40V Supply Voltage

lInternal 40V NDMOS Switch

lOutput Current 1A

lSingle Pin On/Off and Brightness Control Using

DC Voltage or PWM

lEC4304 to 95% Efficiency

lTypical +/-5% LED Current Accuracy

lInput Under Voltage Lockout

lSOT23-5L、DFN 3×3 8L、SOT89-5L Package

lRoHS Compliant and Halogen-Free

Automotive LED Lighting
High Power LED Lighting
Indicator and Emergency Lighting
Architectural Lighting
Low Voltage Industrial Lighting
Signage and Decorative LED Lighting

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