EC25C32-32Kbits SPI Serial EEPROM

General description

The EC25C32 is an industrial standard electrically erasable programmable read only   memory (EEPROM) Product that utilizes  standard Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) for communications. The EC25C32 contains a memory array of 32K bits (4,096x 8), which is organized in 32 bytes per page.

This EEPROM operates in a wide voltage range from 1.7V to 5.5V,which fits most application.  The device  provides low-power operations and low standby current. The product is offered in   Lead-free, RoHS, halogen free or Green package.  The available package types are 8-pin SOP,


The functionalities of the EC25C32 are optimized for most applications, such as consumer electronics,wireless,telecommunication, industrial, medical ,instrumentation, commercial  and others, where low-power and  low-voltage

Are vital. This product has a compatible SPI   interface: Chip-Select ( CS ), Serial Data In (SI), Serial Data Out (SO) and Serial Clock (SCK)   for  high-speed communication. Furthermore,   a Hold feature via HOLD pin  allows the device   entering into a suspended state whenever necessary and resuming the communication without re-initializing the serial sequence. A   Status Register facilitates a flexible write protection mechanism and deviceStatus monitoring.

In order to refrain the state machine from entering into a

Wrong state during power-up sequence or a power  toggle off-on condition, a power on reset circuit is  implemented. During power-up, the device does not   respond to any instructions until the supply voltage  (VCC)has reached an acceptable stable level above the  reset threshold voltage. Once VCC passes the power on reset threshold, the device is reset and enters into  Standby mode. This should also avoid any inadvertent  Write operations during power-up stage. During power-down process, the device will enter into standby mode,  once VCC drops below the power on reset threshold  voltage. In addition, the device will be in standby mode after receiving the Stop command, provided that no internal write operation is in progress. Nevertheless,

it is illegal to send a command unless the VCC is within its

operating level.


·Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Compatible

—Supports Mode 0 (0,0) and Mode 3 (1,1)

·Wide-voltage Operation

—VCC = 1.7V to 5.5V

·Low power CMOS

—Standby current: ≤1 μA (1.7V)

—Operating current: ≤1 mA (1.7V)

·Operating frequency: 20 MHz (5.5V)

·Memory organization: 32Kb (4,096 x 8)

·Byte and Page write (up to 32 bytes)

—Partial page write allowed


·    Block Write Protection

—    Protect 1/4, 1/2, or Entire Array

·    Self timed write cycle: 5 ms (max.)

·    Additional    Write    lockable    Page    (Identification


·    High-reliability

—    Endurance: 1 million cycles

—    Data retention: 100 years

·    Industrial temperature grade

·    Packages (8-pin): SOP, TSSOP and DFN

·    Lead-free, RoHS, Halogen free, Green


Pin Configurations