EC95810-Voltage Detectors With Delay Circuit.

EC95810-Voltage Detectors With Delay Circuit.

EC95810-Voltage Detectors With Delay Circuit.
General description
The EC95810 series are highly accurate, ultra-low current consumption voltage detectors, developed using CMOS process. A delay circuit is built-in for

microprocessor supervisory circuits in MCU and digital systems. Two output forms N-channel open-drain and CMOS output are available. The device is ideal for battery powered portable devices which require low current consumption.

The EC95810 consists of a comparator, a voltage reference unit, a resistor divider, an output driver, a hysteresis circuit, and a delay circuit. Thedetection voltage is fixed internally with ±2.0% accuracy by advanced trimming technology.

The devices are available in SOT-23, SC-82 and SC-70 packages.

Ultra-Low Quiescent Current:1.2 µA (Typ.)
High Accuracy of Detection Voltage:±2%
Hysteresis Width 5% VDET (Typ.)
Detection Voltage:1.6V to 6.0V (0.1V Step)
Built-in Delay Circuit:200ms (Typ.)
Operating Voltage Range:1.0V to 6.0V
N-ch Open Drain and CMOS Output
SOT-23, SC-82 and SC-70 Packages
RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free and Green (Halogen Free with Commercial Standard)
l Microprocessor Reset Circuitry

l Memory Battery Back-up Circuits

l Power-on Reset Circuits

l Power Failure Detection

l System Battery Life and Charge Voltage Monitors

l Delay Circuitry

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